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You Were Made to Be Mine Chapter 1

Title: You Were Made to Be Mine
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Kyuwook (main) !girl: Ryeowook, Eunhae !girl: Donghae
Rated: PG
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Angst
Summary:  Kyuhyun remembers when he  found Ryeowook all alone and crying.  That was twelve years ago.  Now they're both in high school and he still hasn't confessed that he likes her. 
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone.  I only own the plot.

"What are you doing sitting all alone?" I asked a little girl.
"N-nobody will play with me," she wailed.
More tears fell down her cheeks, her big brown eyes watery and full of sadness.
I looked at her with sympathy.
"I'll play with you!" I said.
"Y-you will?" she asked, eyes shining with hope.
I nodded and wiped away her tears.
"I'm Kyuhyun, what's your name?" I asked.
"Ryeowook," she answered.
"Ryeowook huh?  That's a pretty name," I said.
"You think so?"  she asked, eyes growing even wider.
"Yeah I really do," I said.
"But Ryeowook is such a long name, how about I call you Wookie?"
She nodded.
"I like Wookie," she giggled.
"How about I call you Kyu?"
"I'm fine with that." I said smiling.
"Come on Wookie, let's go play," I said grabbing her hand and pulling her to the field.
She smiled and it was the most beautiful thing that I've ever seen.

"Kyuhyun. Cho Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun. KYUHYUN!"
"Huh?" I snapped out of my daydream, only to be hit in the head with a pencil.
"Cho Kyuhyun what is the answer to this question?" Mrs. Kim asked.
I glanced at the board.
"X equals 5.26 plus the square root of 47 divided by 79ab plus 6 squared."
"Correct," she said, glaring at me as if I somehow cheated to get the answer.
"Geeze Kyuhyun, you really shouldn't be daydreaming in class," Henry said.
"I know, but at least I got the answer right.  I'm not genius Cho Kyuhyun for nothing."
"Yeah, yeah whatever.  Anyways, what were you thinking about?"
"The first time I met Wookie."
"Oh~.  I see.  How long has it been since you two met? Twelve years?"
I nodded.
"Yeah twelve years.  We were only five at the time."
"Wow Kyu, it has been a long time.  And you still haven't asked her out?"
I shook my head.
"You know you should.  Someone is bound to take her."
I looked at Henry with wide eyes.
"Someone is going to take my Wookie?  No.  That will never happen."
"That's true.  With her overprotective brother Yesung and you, I doubt that possible."
"Yes Mrs. Kim," we said in unison.
"Geeze Kyu, trying to get us in detention again?"
I smirked.
"Oh please,  I'm Cho Kyuhyun.  I never get in trouble."
"Right..." Henry said sarcastically.
I looked back at the board and starting thinking again.
Has it really already been twelve years?
Twelve years since I befriended Wookie?
Maybe Henry's right.
Maybe I should ask her out.
Well, my birthday's next month...
Should I ask her at my party?
Nah, that would be awkward.
Then when will I ask her?

A/N: I'm back!  haha sorry I kinda abandoned my other fanfic... Well the idea for this fanfic has been in my head for a while and I've decided to go with it.  Hopefully I won't abandon this one too >_>  Well tell me if you guys like it!  Comments are loved♥
Tags: fandom: super junior, fanfic, fanfic: you were made to be mine, genre: romance, pairing: kyuhyun/ryeowook, suju: henry, suju: kyuhyun, suju: ryeowook

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