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You Were Made to Be Mine Chapter 2

Title: You Were Made to Be Mine
Fandom: Super Junior
Pairing: Kyuwook (main) !girl: Ryeowook, Eunhae !girl: Donghae
Rated: PG
Genre: Romance, Fluff, Angst
Previous Chapters: 1
Summary:  Kyuhyun remembers when he  found Ryeowook all alone and crying.  That was twelve years ago.  Now they're both in high school and he still hasn't confessed that he likes her. 
Disclaimer: I do not own anyone.  I only own the plot.

I heard Wookie's voice ring over the bustling crowd.
Her sweet, beautiful voice that she only raised unless she was really mad or when she couldn't be heard.
I turned around and saw her small figure trying to push her way through the crowd.
I started walking toward her and then we finally stood in front of each other.
Her big, brown eyes were sparkling with excitement.
She had a big, beautiful smile on her face.
"Kyu oppa, I got a perfect score on my math test!" she said excitedly.
"Congratz!"  I said with a smile.
Math was Wookie's worst subject and she hated it.
I volunteered to tutor her and I guess it helped after all.
"It's all thanks to you, Kyu!" she said happily.
"Well you studied hard too," I said.
She shook her head.
"I never could have done it without you," she said and then she hugged me.
Her small, thin arms wrapped around my waist and her face was buried in my chest.
I was a little surprised.
Wookie usually didn't give hugs, and it when she did, it was only to close friends or family.
She didn't hate hugs, she was just shy.
I hugged her back and kissed her head lightly.
Her hair smelled like strawberries.
Then she let go of me and looked up at me with a smile.
"Thanks Kyu," she said sweetly.
"You're welcome."
"YAH! Ryeowook!"
We both turned to the sound of the voice and saw Donghae running towards us.
"Donghae unnie!" Ryeowook said happily.
"I heard you got a perfect score on your math test!  That's great!" Donghae said, giving Ryeowook a hug.
"Thank you Donghae," Ryeowook said smiling.
Donghae eyed me and then looked down at my hand which was still around Wookie's waist.
I quickly moved my hand away and blushed.
"Saw that," she mumbled.
"Eh?" Ryeowook asked, genuine confusion written all over her face.
"It's nothing," Donghae said smiling.
"So did you want to do something to celebrate?" she asked Ryeowook.
"Celebrate? Why?"
"Because you got a perfect score silly!  We haven't all gone out in a while anyway.  I miss those times that we always used to spend together," Donghae said.
"So what do you want to do?" I asked.
"It'd up to Ryeowook to decide," Donghae said.
Ryeowook blushed a light shade of pink.
She was so cute when she blushed.
"Well can we just go to someone's house?"
"My house is always open," I offered.
"Mmmm... Kyuhyun's house is probably the best place to have a party," Donghae said thoughtfully.
"Kyu's house sounds like a nice place," Ryeowook said.
"Okay then it's settled!  We'll have a party at Kyuhyun's house," Donghae said.
"You can bring Hyukjae oppa too if you want," Ryeowook said with a small smile.
"Okay then," Donghae said blushing.
Eh? Hyukjae hyung?
Ryeowook giggled.
"Okay so how about sometime next week?" I asked.
"I'm free on Saturday," Donghae said, stretching.
"I'm with anything," Ryeowook said.
"What about Hyukjae hyung?" I asked.
Donghae blushed again.
"Hyukjae doesn't do anything.  He's a lazy monkey.  I'm sure he's free on Saturday."
I nodded.
"Then Saturday it is."
"Oh I have to go now, my umma's going to kill me if I'm not home by 3.  I have dance class today," Donghae said, looking at her phone.
"Okay, bye Donghae unnie!"
"Bye Donghae."
"Ryeowook call me later okay? I want to talk to you," Donghae said gathering her things.
Then she looked at me and gave me a look that made me think she wanted to talk too.
Then she left just as quickly as she came.
"I have to go too.  Bye Kyu oppa!" Ryeowook said with a smile.
"Bye Wookie!" I said waving.

I pulled my phone away from my ear.
"YES HYUNG!" I yelled into my phone.
"Ow Kyu, that hurt," Hyukjae said.
I could hear the pout in his voice.
"Wow she hugged you and now you're going to have a party at your house.  Why does nobody tell me these things until now?"
I shrugged.
"I don't know hyung.  Maybe you're just a lazy monkey."
"I'm a what?"
"Anyways, do you still have a crush on Donghae?" I asked.
I could almost see Hyukjae turning red.
"W-why?" he stammered.
"I think she likes you hyung."
"No way, that's not possible."
"Yes it is.  She blushed every time someone said your name."
"T-that doesn't mean anything."
"Uh-huh...  Anyways, by the way you're stammering I think you do like her."
"Yeah, you do.  I can tell.  You always stare at her during science class."
"No I don't!"
"Yeah you do.  You always save her a seat during lunch too."
"You do that for Ryeowook too!"
"Well I like Wookie and you like Donghae."
There was no response from Hyukjae.
I smirked.
"Fine, you win.  Yes I do have a crush on Donghae."
"Then why don't you ask her out hyung?"
"Why don't you ask Wookie out?"
"Well... I don't know.  I'm too scared to ask her."
"She probably sees me just as an oppa.  An older brother.  I don't think she likes me."
"You never know Kyu.  I think she does like you.  Have you seen the way she looks at you?  How her biggest and most genuine smile is directed at you?  How excited she gets when she sees you?  How much happier and free she is around you?  I don't know Kyu, I think she does."
I took in everything that hyung said.
Was it true?
Does Wookie like me?

"Well I'm tired Kyu, I'm going to bed.  Night."
"Night," I said and hung up.
What if Wookie does like me?
I sighed and collapsed on my bed.
We've known each other for twelve years and I still haven't confessed to her.
I soon fell asleep, not noticing my phone vibrating with a text from Donghae.

A/N: Yeah that was a stupid chapter. =_=  I don't even know where I'm leading this to.  Oh well, hope you liked it.  Comments are loved.
Tags: fandom: super junior, fanfic, fanfic: you were made to be mine, genre: romance, pairing: eunhyuk/donghae, pairing: kyuhyun/ryeowook, suju: donghae, suju: eunhyuk, suju: kyuhyun, suju: ryeowook

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